One glorious day

This past Saturday, I had a glorious day. Considering there aren’t many days I describe that way, I thought I would share what made it so special, so above-the-fray, so memorable.

I spent the day with my daughter.

Let me set the scene: It was a temperate 77 degrees in Houston. The sky was azure, the breeze just breezy enough, the leaves as green as you can imagine. My daughter and I had tickets to the Christmas Home Tour held by a local organization to raise funds for a worthy cause. For my Northerners out there, you might have a hard time imagining touring backyard resort-style pools in the middle of December, but it was just beautiful. I was grateful to wear a short-sleeved shirt and bask in the sunshine after years of shoveling snow and freezing my bootie off in Chicago.

At any rate, the weather and beauty of the homes notwithstanding, I spent hours with my daughter. We never checked our cell phones. We sat in a gorgeous country club eating turkey crepes and watching the golfers. We meandered from house to house, oohing and aahing and occasionally screwing up our faces at decorations that weren’t our speed. We wandered out to back patios where cookies and cider were served by volunteers of all ages. We followed sounds of violins and beautiful voices to live orchestras and singers entertaining from a nook of a kitchen or hallway. We discussed the logistics of hanging garland on a bathroom mirror (how do you see yourself?) or filling a dining table with decorations (how do you eat???) We imagined what it would be like to be a child, growing up in a bedroom that featured a separate dressing area, “The Princess Room,” and a view to rival the finest of establishments.

It was glorious, just strolling and chatting and dreaming with my daughter. Sometimes, I think to myself, what in the world did I ever do to deserve this? When I find myself asking that question, I stop whatever I’m doing and send prayers of gratitude up to heaven, because the fact of the matter is, I haven’t done anything to deserve it. It’s an unsolvable mystery why some people have many glorious days and others have none. But when I have one, I stop and say thank you. You should too.

My wish for you during the holiday season is that you will have one glorious day. My guess is that it will have nothing to do with expensive presents or the wow! factor under the tree. Find whatever it is that you can share with your loved ones, and do it. Revel in it. Soak it all in.

As for me, I owe my son a glorious day, and I can’t wait for it to begin.

Me and Rae


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