10 tips for getting through exams

May is just days away, which means that kids are gearing up for AP exams and final exams. At this point in the school year, everything about students’ body language and attitudes scream, “We’re over it!” So how can you help your kids to prepare for exams and stay focused until their last day of school?

Here are 10 tips for testing success:

1. Ask your kids how their note-taking is going. Many kids slack off as the end of the year approaches and need a reminder to take the same quality notes they took at the start of the school year.

2. Make sure they get their sleep. After daylight savings time, and as the days get longer, kids are tempted to stay up later and skimp on their sleep. Encourage them to hit the sack at a decent time, at least until their last final has been put to bed.

3. Don’t be afraid to contact teachers. Kids tend to think that you are over school as much as they are (and you may be, but they don’t need to know that). Show them that you’re still paying attention by staying involved in their progress.

4. Encourage organization, especially when it comes to major projects and tests. What can they do today that will make tomorrow a little easier?

5. Help kids to set goals for the end of the year, and then strategize as to how to reach those goals. Is an A in physics attainable? If so, what does your child need to do to get there?

6. Keep your kids in school. Teachers see a significant increase in absences during this time of year, and many are unwarranted. Stress to your kids the importance of being in class every day and staying focused on their number one job.

7. Offer to help your kids by quizzing them and helping them with test preparation. Whether or not they accept your help is really secondary to the fact that you offered. When parents show an interest in their kids’ studies, it positively impacts kids.

8. Make sure your children are well fed on testing days. Protein, grapes, blueberries, and other “brain foods” really do impact students’ abilities to focus and maintain energy. Breakfast IS important!

9. Reward your kids when they do well or after they have completed a tough study or testing session. It doesn’t have to be monetary; it can just be time to sit and watch their favorite TV program or eat their favorite dinner.

10. Remind your kids that when they have prepared as best as they can, they should take a deep breath and go into their tests with confidence. Mind over matter is significant in determining testing outcomes, so it’s important that they maintain a can-do attitude.


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