How Ray J and other celebrities influence teenagers (aka: Why we should be frightened)

Last week, Ray J debuted his new single, “I Hit It First.” It was one small step for rappers, one giant step for further degradation of our society. I hope you haven’t heard it, because if you have, your ears are probably bleeding and you’re probably feeling more hopeless about our future than ever.

To the blissfully uninitiated, let me give some background. Ray J and Kim Kardashian made a sex tape together that later propelled her to stardom and him to B-list fame. His small fame must be waning, because he just produced a cringe-worthy “song” and video that alludes to the fact that he had sex with Kim K before Kanye. He “hit it first,” a beautiful expression that elevates them both and expresses their love and affection for one another, right?

How do you feel about the fact that this is the society our teenagers are navigating their way through? Guys are being told that it’s a matter of pride to see girls as nothing but sex objects. Their sexuality is a race to “tap that” before another guy does. Girls are learning that all it takes is a sex tape and an ensuing series of bad choices to make them a role model for even younger girls.

Sure, my generation had Prince, and Prince said some, uh, racy things. But the enormous difference between the two (aside from, obviously, talent) is that Prince was an anomaly. He was unique in his lack of inhibition. Ray J, sadly, is not. He is representative of the new norm, a growing mass of people who have no sense of what it means to be a real man or woman and who want our teens to join their ranks.

Scary, huh?


One thought on “How Ray J and other celebrities influence teenagers (aka: Why we should be frightened)

  1. Hear hear! What happened to class? Good taste? Or really, just morals? Why is it that nobody who is actually a role model ever seems to realize the collateral damage their actions cause to the development of their followers?


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